Friday, December 04, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere

Jordy does his best impersonation of Moses parting the Red Sea. Granted Moses would never have held a GNC Calcium Tablet Bottle in his right hand, but this is a post-modern take.

Waterparks are the new black. In the Turnip household at least.

Jordy's gone from being a little tentative and sceptical about the delights of fountains and jet sprays, to being a full on convert. His favourite water park is the one at Marina Barrage.

Jordy tries yet again to control nature, while an amused young woman looks on. She took lots of photos of him (after asking our permission of course), but probably found it tough as she kept stopping to laugh!

Wherever he wanders, he usually has my old GNC vitamin bottle in one hand. The other hand, palm splayed open, trying to hold onto the streams of water. It's a peculiar, yet wonderful, sight.

Jordy and I caught out by the geyser erupting from under us!

And this last photo here kinda sums up my thoughts about how quickly Jordy is growing. This was him at good mate Ned's first birthday party a week ago. Most of the children were between 11 and 18 months of age. Look at all of them sitting down to have afternoon tea together! It was so civilised and well-mannered (aside from when Jordy tried to grab three Vegemite sandwiches at one go, prompting a slightly embarassed D to gingerly put them back on the plate).

"Hey, look Mum! It's like the welcome dinner at Hogwarts!"

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maree said...

Oh, he is just so lovely....if he's not too cold here he can pay with my hose