Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy 16th Month Birthday, Jordy!

Dear Jordy,

Happy 16th month birthday to the best boy in our lives! Mum's been a bit remiss with the phototaking so will just let the words do the talking. Today has been a bit of a milestone, not just in terms of the amazing journey that is your life, but also in terms of Mum's own future. I won't go too much into detail since this is a public blog, and (it's best to learn this lesson now, Jordy) public blogs need boundaries. So I will update everyone of any developments in a little while - but suffice to say, it concerns the very real, very commonplace-yet-heartbreaking issue of mums and work.

Ah. So.

No matter what happens in the coming months, I am so happy that I got to spend the last 16 months hanging out with you. The first couple of months were tougher, but now, it's getting to be pretty good fun!

I was inspired by what Aunty Adora blogged about one time about her daily routine with your friend Poppy. It made me see the little wonders in our daily routine, simple and quiet as it may be. So I thought I'd just pen a little something about how our day normally goes right this moment. Just for posterity's sake.



You wake every morning on the dot at 7.00am, or a few minutes earlier. Dad always hears you first, and he makes your milk and cereal every morning. Dad gives you your milk while I have my shower, and it usually takes two of us to change your diaper in the morning! Yes, it's that err, bulky, and you are usually too eager to start running around the place to lie down on the changing table!

Then you have your cereal in the kitchen while Mum and Dad putter about. Your favourite high chair toy right now is an orange. You pick it up and say "Ay-yay!" Everytime. Then you brush your own teeth, while I wipe your face. Dad normally leaves while you are having breakfast or just after.

When I let you out of the high chair, you immediately zoom off! Sheepie in one hand, and the other hand reaching for your favourite toys. Right now, it's your hammer and peg set, the shape sorter, stacking rings, and the IKEA farm animal set! Oh and your plane and tractor. Then you flip through your books while I have my breakfast and read my book or catch up on blogs on my beloved iPod Touch. Heh heh.

By this time, it's around 8ish in the morning and we usually set off for a walk at this time. Sometimes we go to the playground, then NTUC for groceries, and other times we walk to HortPark, where you love to point out all the flowers to me.

By the time we get back home it's usually almost 10am and we read some books, then it's Baby Einstein time while I prepare your lunch!

You eat an early lunch around 11 - and in characteristic Jordy-speed, you are done within 10 minutes! Thank goodness I'm a fast eater too so I'm always done when you are! Then you like to zoom around with your toys while I wash up and prepare your bath. You LOVE bathtime, especially trying to splash me with water. And pointing out the flowers and fish and frogs in your bathbook.

I love the time after your bath, 'cos I get to cuddle and tickle you in your room, and we read a few books, Roadwork, That's Not My Truck and of course, Goodnight Moon, before you go to your cot and do your acrobatics. You're always asleep by 12.20.

While you dream the heat of the day away, I'm either baking, on the internet, reading, or listening to BBC podcasts on the iPod. This quiet time is one of my favourite times of day too! :)

And then it's 2ish and you're up! And you have your milk, and then some raisin and peanut butter toast and then we're off on our afternoon outing! On lazy days we go for walks around the neighbourhood, to the playground, or the park. On more exciting days, I take you for a car ride and we go to West Coast Park, or to the Botanic Gardens, or to Labrador Park, or Keppel Marina, sometimes we go to indoor playgrounds (though you tend to get a bit germy after that so maybe not that often!). Some days it's just us, other days we hang out with friends.

Then by the time we get home, it's usually 5ish and I make your dinner while you hang out in the kitchen playing with anything that rolls, opens and closes, or makes a lot of noise! And then before I know it, you're done with dinner (literally, it's always 10 minutes or less!) and then you're off playing again while I clean up and then we usually have some reading time before your bath.

And more often that not, sometime during your bath, the doorbell rings, your face lights up, and it's Dad! Home at around 6.45. Then you go pull on his trouser leg, and then he carries you and swings you around for a few minutes. You love this time of day very much.

And then it's Baby Einstein time again while Mum and Dad have dinner! Sometimes, when you like what you see on the screen, you look at us and laugh, inviting us to join you in your moment. It's very cute. Then Mum has her shower while Dad prepares your milk, and water, and PJs and toothbrush.

And the funniest thing happens. As soon as Baby Einstein time is over, you scoot from your high chair immediately to your bedroom door. You love this time most of all I think. Hanging out in the cool air-conditioned room, hearing mum and dad sing songs and reading your favourite books all over again. Then we have evening gymnastics on the mattress, before you go in the cot. And you always fall asleep to the sound of mum and dad talking about our day. And most of the time, you're asleep by 8.20pm.

And then mum and dad creep out of your room, wash up your things, read the net for a bit. Then sit down and watch The West Wing (or a stressful few weeks with True Blood) or sometimes MASH, with fruit, and cookies or chocolate!

It's a simple life Jordy. But rather charmed. Magically real, or really magic.

So I'll end this spontaneous blogpost right now before I ramble on anymore.

See you in the morning!

Your Mum


maree said...

Oh, I have sweet tears reading Jordy's day -
Only 10 more sleeps & we will all be sharing jordy Days together!!!!

Adora said...

my eyes are also starting to sweat a little. it's simple days like these that i'm sure make full time working mothers envy us :) or rather, it's days like these i will miss when i am a full time working mother.

Anonymous said...

No photos needed - wonderful blog dora!


Anonymous said...

hey poo, this is a beautiful post. as i'm sitting here thinking about how different my life will be with Boo, i find this really inspirational and really touching.
u're an amazing mum!

the Cheetoh