Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Last Weekend

Jordy contemplates the flicker of a flame in his gorgeous kimono onesie from Aunty Janice all the way from Kyoto - what you cannot see though, are the unbuttoned buttons near his thigh due to err, severe poppage from his Incredible-Hulk-Thighs

I can't believe it's September already! I've never been more conscious of the passing of time. I think it's because I've spent the last couple of nights going through photos from the past year, and trying to fill in postdated entries into Jordy's baby book - I know, I know, I have been remiss in my duties as chief chronicler of milestones reached - but you know, there are trikes to be ridden, and many grapes to peel!

So last weekend. Started bright and early when I went for a comprehensive health check-up (free with my insurance plan, yay!) and had an ECG done for the first time. Strange and full of gel. Then had a most lazy breakfast while doing annual rereading of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, specifically, The Amber Spyglass - both the breakfast and the book were first rate. I scanned the papers looking for a morning movie to catch - this I must add, was the inspired suggestion of most wonderful D, who was spending father-son guy time with Jordy. Timings were such that the only ones that I was vaguely interested in were a) District 9, b) The Proposal. Gritty, ground-breaking Sci-Fi vs harmles, rom-com fluff. I went with the fluff, and was very pleased with my decision. The Proposal was extremely easy on the eye and brain, as were Ryan Reynold's abs and Sandra Bullocks lovely clothes. I even teared at a few points in the movie! Oh, and I got to check out the brand new cinemas at Iluma, which were lovely. There was only one other person at the 1045am screening. HEAVEN.

Then, went home feeling completely refreshed, and opened the front door to be greeted by the HUGEST smile from the hugest baby. Jordy scuttled over and gave me a hug. What a moment. D looked a little tired but he said he enjoyed his morning. Let's hope so, 'cos I'm hoping to make this a monthly affair! The Time Traveller's Wife next I think! On a random note, I probably didn't choose the best analogy when I exclaimed to David how my perfect morning felt like a scene in David Lean's Brief Encounter, one of my favourite movies.

Aunty Janice came and spent the afternoon with us, which was lovely. And gave Jordy the loveliest kimono-onesie outfit from Kyoto, pictured above. We hung out at home, then all trooped out to Labrador Park (after aborted attempt at going to West Coast Park which was FULL TO THE BRIM with kite fliers and their hangers-on) for a walk. Or rather Jordy rode on his trike and looked at wind sculptures and giant radars while the adults walked.

On Sunday, we went for the loveliest family lunch at Halia Restaurant in the Botanic Gardens. It was Ah Ee Amy's 74th birthday, though she honestly does not look a year older than 65! Jordy wore his little Japanese suit, and was delightfully behaved. The food and service were impeccable. I especially loved my dessert, which was a banana custard crepe and toasted nuts with chocolate clotted cream poured over, as below. And the cake. THE CAKE! That deserves its own post. Suffice to say, we know what we are going to order for my mum's 60th now. No more namby pamby cupcakes. The cake will be gotten from Choc-a-bloc. Yessiree.

I had to quell the urge to drink the chocolate clotted cream straight from the little cup.

While the adults enjoyed our four course meal, Jordy indulged in his own degustation menu. Here you see him on course number 4.5, golden Zespri with a garnish of Midnight Beauty seedless black grapes. After he ate, he smiled at everyone and played with his toys and read his books. He's turning out rather delightfully!

"Garcon! Garcon! Zere ees a fly ein my froot. Ah never mind, I'll just eat it."

After lunch and cake, Mama Daisie managed to score a whole bag of old bread from a nearby kiosk (go Mama!) and the whole family proceeded to feed the turtles, scary catfish and koi in the pond. It was great fun, except the point where Jordy tried to eat the stale bread. Hmm!

Jordy thinks: "I don't get it, why are are we throwing away perfectly good food at those creatures who move so slowly? Shouldn't it be the fastest man/fish/turtle wins?"

After the feeding frenzy, we adjourned to Aunty Dawn's house where Jordy, though exhausted, proceeded to skip his afternoon nap, more interested instead in grabbing his poor cousin Tyan's head. Tyan was sleeping on the next mattress, perfectly minding his own business but would Jordy leave him alone? Nooo. So in the end we brought him downstairs and Dad tried to ergo him to Da Paulo to get coffee but that didn't work so he just stayed awake and played musical instruments with us.

What can I say? It's September, Jordy is almost 13 months old (and still not walking unassisted! Though a speed demon with his push toys), he's on the cusp of toddlerhood and he's definitely getting a mind of his own.

Mum says, bring it on!

Jordy says, "Car!"



unk Dicko said...

He was really so cute in that mini
Kimono outfit. Reminds me of the 2 I had lying somewhere in the cupboard from 1972!
Must arrange to have a pic with him dressed similarly.

maree said...

Oh, how lovely! & Dora you are the bestest chronologicer (sp! ) EVER! When I opened up blog I thought I was looking at a baby pix of David!! HONESTLY VERY LIKE! Brings me right back. Evnthough it's over 30 years ago seems like yesterday. Such a lovely age but then all the stages are. More fun to come!

Adora said...

gosh dora, jordy's face has changed so much! he's a little man now!