Monday, August 04, 2008

National Day Baby Anyone?

National Day Rehearsal Heart-Shaped Stunts Courtesy of the Singapore Airforce Fighter Pilots (View from our room at Swissotel Stamford).

Less than two weeks out to the official expected delivery date of le petit Turnip, aka Zorgy, I'm feeling a mixture of impatience, and "enjoy this quiet while it lasts".

After finishing off the biggest event of the year at work less than a month ago, it's been a little less manic and hectic for me. D and I checked into a rather luxurious weekend at Swissotel Stamford couple of weeks back, went for swims everyday (or rather for me, walks around the pool) and I experienced a most blissful Swedish pregnancy massage.

Last few weeks have been a lovely mix of catching up with friends, doing little arts n crafty things (I'm making up these ginormous flash cards for Zorgy a la the Glenn Doman "teach your baby to read" system), went into nesting mode and over a few days, printed out all our digital photo prints dating from 2004 onwards (so far have printed out over 1,500 photos! Thank you Harvey Norman 19cent print sale), have discovered Snapfish much to my delight, and also reading up on some baby books. Went to Carrefour and did a huge shop to stock up on cleaning product and toiletries (I am not kidding when I say we have about 30 bars of Palmolive soap in our cabinets at the moment), made the most of the Robinson's sale, and then today, went for a much-needed pedicure (I have OPI 118 on right now).

Just put a big pot of beef goulash on the stove (am trying to make some freezable dishes to tide us over the next few weeks) and am now sitting in our air-con study listening to the Indigo Girls and typing this. Really rather contented at the mo.

Will keep all posted re the GREAT ARRIVAL. Doctor's visits every week means things are getting rather exciting. Though I'm not leaving on a jet plane anytime soon, all my bags are packed and I'm ready to go!


maree said...

mine are just about packed too!

Campbells said...

Just checked in on your Facebook page as knoew due date was looming for you. Hope all goes well and we look forward to seeing pics of the new arrival! Sarah and Josh:)