Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Than Words (Or, a 20th Month Birthday Stock Take)

Firstly, a big Happy 20 Month Birthday to Jordy!

Thought I'd use this occasion to do a quick vocabulary stock take. So here goes, here's what Jordy is saying (or trying to say!) as of today:

Air-pane (Airplane)
Ah-go (All gone)

Boh (Ball)
Baba (Bye bye)
Ba-woo (Bedroom)
Boo (Bird)
Bed (Bread)

Car-car (Car)
Coe (Cold)


Ele-oo (Elephant)

Gape (Grape)

Hoe (Home)

Jordy (but it sounds slightly different each time, think he's trying to work out how to make the "j" sound)

Kiss kiss
Kau-papa (Koala)
Kaga (Kangaroo)

Mum/Mama (Mummy)

O-poo (Open)
Or-ay (Orange)
Ow-oo (Owl)

Pease (Please)
Pee pee
Poo poo
Per-ler (Propeller)

Shoe shoe (Shoe)
Poon (Spoon)
Tar (Star)

Tuh (Truck)
Tow-oo (Towel)

It took a while for him to start speaking but now that he's started, he's surprising us with something new everyday!


unk Dicko said...

It's good that you are keeping a record of this early vocab thing. Some years down the road, it would make fascinating reading and decades into the future it would be truly nostalgic.
I kept some records too when you and Dawn were little. Simple things. Might be able to post if I can locate the writings.
Then you can enjoy comparing!

JY said...

Wow - it's a long first list. Well done Jordy!

Adora said...

Well done Jordy, so many words!

maree said... original comment didn't appear - so proud of our little boy - bet he sounds so cute - can't wait to hear... wonder if he'll be a little chatter like his mum or a few words man like his dad!

unk Dicko said...

There are a couple of things about Jordy that we all know.
The most obvious for anyone not knowing this is...he does not allow anyone to carry him when he's not ready for carrying! And that's about 99% of the time. You try and he won't bawl but using a move similar to a defensive rugby feint, shaking his shoulders and closing off his armpits(so you cannot place your horrible hands there), he easily fends you off.
He had had this defensive mechanism even before he turned a year old.
I tried ways and means..never did succeed....until memories of Dean Martin's old song cme to my rescue!
The song," Don't let the stars get in your eyes,don't let the moon break your heart"...was and is the answer.
Mention " Jordy let's go see the stars and moon, esp moon,and he perks up his cutey eyes".
Then the rest is up to clever you are, esp when it's still daytime!
Grandpa Uke hasn't done too badly...right, Jordy?

maree said...

a - I love this story Dick...& I am so pleased he loves the moon..the first book I bought for Jordy, I wrote..that if he looks up at the moon he would know his mamma in NZ would be looking at that same moon, watching over him..& sending him love ( or something along those lines ) so you see, that's why Jordy has a special connection to the Moon! So lovely that you are telling him Moon stories.