Monday, November 09, 2009

Helmet Heads Part Two

Portrait of the Blogger as a Helmet Head

We went cycling again on Sunday, this time with Jordy's pal, Olive. The three of us donned our helmets, mine with its sad history of being the helmet on the highest shelf. Jordy had a lovely time I think, judging from the fact that he a) stayed awake, b) smiled for a bit, and c) had afternoon tea half way. The skies looked vaguely threatening when we had our water break, but the gusty winds blew the grey clouds away and it was back to blue skies again.

The Island Hippies looking sharp.

Is it me though, or are there many more cyclists at ECP these days? Or maybe it is just a Sunday afternoon thing. But man, cycling back to the kiosk felt a bit like weaving through traffic in Hanoi!

After cycling, we headed to dinner at gong gong and mama's - where Jordy got quite cranky as he was just really tired. We still managed to stay long enough to help blow out the candles on his cousin Young's birthday cake! Went back home, and D and I both fell into deep sleeps in the middle of putting Jordy to bed. We got up around 930pm, groggily wondering where we were!

What can I say, our hectic two-parks-a-day weekend schedule may be taking their toll! Heh heh.

Jordy at West Coast park the same morning. Notice the carpet burn on his nose, from where he fell over while riding on his car.


unk Dicko said...

I simply love these outdoor cycling pics. Won't be long before he demands to cycle on his own!

DT said...

Notice also the lovely organic cotton Tui t-shirt from the cousins Ellis - his first time wearing it! He should still fit it by the time we get to Dunedin!

maree said...

Jordy's Dad & Uncle nick just LOVED bikes....they both had a BMX & I used to cycle with them to our mamma & Grandad's place...." D used to stay by me, but I was continually yelling " Nick, come back here - wait for us...Hey Nicholas...wait up" hmmm I have my suspisions that little Jordy might be fast like his Uncle Nick