Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Ball Pit at Polliwogs and a Declaration

Jordy had his first ever play in the ball pit yesterday. The guy just dove right in and had a blast. Then about five minutes later decided it was a bit too much and wanted to crawl around the huge padded playground at Polliwogs instead!

He also managed to hold his own amongst the older kids who were running around maniacally (aside: oh god, is that what is in store for us?!). He politely side-swiped a much bigger boy who was trying to push him off the slide and only crawled away when he was good and ready. Good on you, Jordy!

Just realised I didn't manage to get pictures of him with the other babies. We met Constance and Isaac there, and a few of her mum and bub friends. Quite lovely to see so many other babies so close in age to Jordy. One thing for sure, on the nature vs nurture debate, I'm veering towards nature. There are some traits in Jordy which I just think are just HIM. He didn't learn this fierce streak of independence from me, he's got a very strong sense of self and is confident when playing. He's not a lap baby (i.e. baby who likes to sit on mum's lap) and prefers to wander off by himself. Actually, he sounds like his dad. Hmm, ok so maybe I don't have the nature vs nurture thing all wrapped up.

Anyway, it's just amazing watching his personality and preferences unfold. We were feeding him lunch at Coffee Bean yesterday and he was jumping up and down in his high chair when we laid out his bread on the high chair table, and proclaiming very excitedly when he saw the yogurt container. I mean, who taught him to do that?! He was so entertaining that an American guy in the table next to us (they were separated by a glass screen) came over after his meal and thanked Jordy for entertaining him all through lunch with his cuteness. He tried to interest Jordy in the glasses on top of his head but Jordy just stared at him and carried on chewing his teething ring.

Ah well, all these experiences this past year have provided much inspiration and fodder for a possible short story or book I think. I've always dreamt but never really had the courage to put pen to paper (or rather, finger to keyboard), but several conversations in the past weeks have given me quite a lot of encouragement and hope. Ah well, I may not be a J. K. Rowling writing Harry Potter from a cafe (and she was a single mom some more!), but I really need to knuckle down and DO SOMETHING.

Anyway, the first step is actually committing this in writing in a public space, i.e. this blog, which is probably only read by like five people (you know who you are!) but it's a start. So be ye the first to know, that I, Camel Mummy to Jordy, intend to finally start work on a draft of something-or-other. May take a few years but hey, to borrow an adage, the longest manuscript begins with a single word.


maree said...

Magic photos & as always, magic stories on Jordy's adventures. You CAN. YOU ALREADY DO!!!!!
Go Dora Darling...from the words of Eric Clapton...Let It Grow...

unk Dicko said...

Camels appear to trod slowly, then canter and when they have the adrenaline...boy, they are one of the fastest animals at full sprint!
Go..go..go, like the camel!

Anonymous said...

Its crystal clear what an inspiration Jordy is - now you just have to channel that into a single direction. Good luck! - Mano (PS: there is already so much compelling writing on this blog!)