Friday, November 16, 2007

Back in Camel Land, and Dreaming of Tents

Matakohe, Northland, New Zealand. January 2005

This has been my longest hiatus from the blog. In part due to the craziness of work and also cos I wanted to write a fitting tribute to my grandma who passed away last month, and was waiting till I had the time and head space.

Well, it's almost 1am on a Thursday night and I've just finished my second huge work event in a row - putting my legs up after a whole night in heels and needed a bit of down time before going to bed (D is deep in dream land).

About my grandma I have this to say at the moment - that though I had several years in which to gently farewell her, her eventual passing left a bit of a vacuum in my heart. She was a feisty lady, with a generosity that was embracing. Though she didn't speak or read English, she stayed up with me the day my parents returned from Sydney in '94 and got me Tad William's final installment of the Memory Sorrow and Thorn trilogy, "To Green Angel Tower". I read for 12 hours straight and my grandma was right there with me! What a class act she was.

To all of you who sent your wishes and condolences, my thanks. I'm happy she's in a happier place.

Talking about paradise, I'm dreaming and toe-tapping for December to come round soon as it can (funny thing, time). Our much needed three-and-a-half week break to New Zealand. Dunedin-Christmas in Alexandra-Wellington-A &L's wedding in Havelock North-Scary five-day long cycling and camping trip in Mount Cook- Chill out with gang in Dunedin - Back to Singapore for Renovations and moving. What's not to like?

D hasn't been home in almost two and a half years. And I can see him straining for the pristine peace of New Zealand, amidst our frantic urban life. Just looking at the our camping pictures from our epic Northland trip in 04/05 makes me s-m-i-l-e...

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maree said...

Hi Darling ( Jude is here tonight ) and wants me to tell you to bring your togs!! It was 28 degrees in Alex today!!!! Can't wait to hug you and see your smiley faces Love Ma & Jude