Sunday, March 11, 2007

A weekend of firsts...

Today starts like most weekend mornings of late, with a brisk walk up a hill. It's a perfect morning for walking, dry with a gentle breeze. The views from the top of Mt Faber are fabulous, and I can see the street where we live and the city beyond. I'm proud of myself too, having dragged myself out of bed early this morning despite having two late nights in a row. So far, am keeping up my "here's to a healthier 2007" routine. woo hoo!

It's also a weekend of firsts for me.

1. I experience the delights of Botak Jones for the first time last night with C & A. Just look at that triple burger - strategically placed next to C's Corona for scale.

2. Then I play Singstar on Playstation for the first time too. I don't fare as well as I'd hoped (but this being my virgin try I don't fret), and my rendition of Keane's Everybody's Changing, and Franz Ferdinand's Do You Want To leave much to be desired. A beats me hands down. But I do hold my own on Erasure's Respect, I'm rather embarassed to admit, haha! C amazes me by doing a flawless version of Ice Ice Baby... scary... but then, she always was the queen of lyrics.

3. I watch one of the most violent (stylised though) movies ever, screen version of Frank Miller's 300 (about the band of 300 Spartans led by King Leonidas who hold the evil invading Persian army at bay), AND manage to watch the whole movie without covering my eyes. It was pretty sublime, felt like the marriage of a renaissance fresco and an epic atrium rock concert. Whole thing was absolutely beautiful. Not forgetting the six-packs on pretty much every single male character. David Wenham (Faramir in Lord of the Rings, aiieee) and Gerard Butler (Phantom of the Opera, Dear Frankie) provided much appreciated visual stimulation too, ahem.

4. OK, this isn't really a first, but more like a complete rarity. I cook a meal with NO carbs for dinner tonight. It all had to do with our day with Dean today, where he starts talking about preventing colorectal cancer (I swear, Dean you should be a high-end promoter of organic products, confirm can make a lot of money one). Anyway, so I get paranoid and decide to make the healthiest dinner I can think of at the time. Only unhealthy element is the German bratwurst sausage (but even then, I dry fried it - no oil!). So we had a huge serving each of steamed broccoli and raw capsicum with organic roasted tomato salsa, and two sausages each, heh.

So overall, what a wholesome way to end the weekend. Oh and I haven't even started yet on husband D winning best-dressed guy in his office D&D last night - he went in a most regal kurta, replete with pashmina and individualised ruby red buttons and mock-leather sandals. All courtesy of fashion guru Dean who should really get his own "what not to wear" show on telly. Honestly, would beat a lot of the rubbish being aired on local TV right now.

Anyway, so I love my Sundays and today was no different. It's still not over yet though. I shall not get plagued by the Sunday night blues. Still have a few more precious hours before the work machine starts again... bleah... in the meantime, will put my feet up, and channel some tropical spa vibes right here in our little oasis in Singapore.

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